iPads for Cheap? Refurbished iPads Offer Savings for Budget-Conscious Gadget Junkies

iPads for Cheap? Refurbished iPads Offer Savings for Budget-Conscious Gadget Junkies

This week, I wanted to take a minute and focus on a popular theme here at the blog. That is, how best to find good deals on the latest hot new tech products. Looking for an iPad, but are just short of a few dollars to grab one new? No worries. As I found out last week, used top-of-the-line versions are popping up all over the market place, apparently as the impulse buyers move onto the next “IT” product. Given the demand for the latest Apple device, it’s difficult to find iPads for cheap.  In fact, t’s just as difficult to find iPads on sale or to find any iPad deals to reduce what is admittedly a significant outlay of cash.  Therefore, the increasing availability of refurbished iPads is a solid option for those who want to get their gadget fix and keep a few extra greenbacks in their wallets.  Of course, those saved dollars will most likely will get spent on iPad apps, but that’s another post for another day…

I must admit that I hadn’t really started to think about the possibility of purchasing used iPads. It simply didn’t cross my mind because I thought that it might be too soon to expect to see refurb models already returned, spruced up, and ready for re-sale. Clearly I was wrong and there is a burgeoning market for refurbished iPads growing by the day.

The first clear benefit is simple. Refurbished iPads, like those found on the Apple online store, offer consumers a perfect opportunity to purchase one of the top of the line portable hardware devices on the market at a reduced price.  Even better, the ones found in this store come with a one-year warranty attached, new batteries installed and a new outer shell–in addition to being priced at $50 off the regular cost of a brand new 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB iPad model. That comes out to roughly a 7% to 10% savings depending on the model.

Recent years have seen the sale of high quality refurbished products rise as more and more people want to hitch a ride on the cutting-edge train without breaking the bank to buy a ticket so to speak. Manufacturer guaranteed warranties and certifications showing attesting to the quality of the remodeling have helped to put to rest many misconceptions about re-manufactured electronics.

One word of caution if you are a fan of bidding for discount products on auction sites: Search for a vendor that isn’t out to make more than what they paid for the device new. Even refurbs are going for the same price as new models on some sites, so I would stick to traditional online retailers unless you find a good deal with a reseller you trust.

As an example, a quick glance through Amazon’s offerings shows a 64GB Apple iPad being sold used from $625 up to as high as $699. New models are running around $745. They also separate their refurbished category from the used listings. Those models are starting at $750.

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