JetBlue $10 Airfares and Other Money Saving Travel Deals


Today only, JetBlue is offering flights that leave on May 11 and 12 for just $10. With flights that cheap, it seems silly not to travel.

Here are a few great ways to save on accommodations for your last minute getaway. TRAVELZOO

Travelzoo has great last minute specials on hotels and events around the world. Sign up for their weekly email blast to stay in the know, plus search deals on their website.

Air BnB

“Ebay for space” lets you search for a spot in someone’s guest room, or rent a whole apartment or house, for way less than a hotel. With guest reviews, you can be sure you’re getting a great spot.

Get great deals on fabulous accommodations with their unique “undercover hotel” system. “By keeping the name of the hotel quiet until after one books, is able to dramatically drop the rates across every hotel, providing even better last minute prices… in advance.”


Check out these great last minute hotel deals on Expedia .  With some rates as low as $45 a night, your entire vacation could end up costing less than $100!

Try Agritourism

Stay on a farm to cut costs, plus get a real taste of rustic, local life. Try sites like Agritourism World   or check the specific state you’re hoping to visit.

Bon Voyage!

Got a hot tip about last minute or budget travel? Let me know in the comments below!

Annie Mebane is a screenwriter and improviser living in Los Angeles. A veteran DealPro and beauty product aficionado, you can catch her blogging about beauty on Wednesdays.

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  1. coupiedoll

    4 years ago

    Whoa, I wish I could get away!! What a great tip!!

  2. TaraSnow

    3 years ago

    I always fly jetblue… have personally loved their service, but I keep coming across stories of people who have had really bad experiences with the company. There are some really funny vents about it here.

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