Kmart Christmas Layaway Commercial: Shame on you or Thank you very much?


Kmart just released their Christmas layaway commercial featuring a gingerbread man and a lady working behind an office desk. So what’s so special? It’s getting some major attention and heat from the public.

Some people think that Kmart went overboard by releasing a Christmas commercial in September, but others that have benefited from Kmart’s layaway plan are praising them. Just read some of the comments from customers on the Kmart Facebook page.

At, we’re always encouraging our readers to plan early because having a game plan leads to maximizing your savings. So while this is not a shocker for us, what are you thoughts? Do you think that Kmart made the wrong move by releasing a Christmas commercial so early or did they do the right thing to help customers start planning for the holidays that are right around the corner? Take a look at the commercial and please comment below.


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