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Assuming you didn’t take my last minute holiday shopping advice from last week, I wanted to elaborate on a point I made. It is now Tuesday 12/21 and you have just three more days to finish your holiday shopping. Most e-tailers had Friday, or at the latest yesterday, listed as the last day to place an order and guaranty delivery on or before 12/24. Now your only options are fighting the crowds at the stores, or shopping online retailer that offer in store pick-up.

Every program is different, but the generic term seems to be BOPUIS or Buy Online Pick Up In Store. Shopping online and picking up in store is so easy (when it works right), it’s like cheating. You get the immediate gratification of getting it now without the hassle of spending a lot of time shopping around and fighting the crowds. I put that parenthetical qualifier in there because there are things that can go wrong, but most retailers will email you or call you on the phone when an actual human employee has the product in their hands with your name on it sitting on a shelf where no-one else can possibly buy it.

This list is by no means complete, but it has all the stores I could find that offer next day or sooner pick up, and that have locations nationwide.  One of the things you will miss out on is the vast selection available online, as only the more popular items are stocked at most stores–but hey, when the options are a different toy, or a kid with no present to open, I’m sure you can find something they’ll like.

The other good thing about BOPUIS is you pay nothing for shipping, but you can use any online promo codes or coupons you can find at most merchants. Some merchant only offer online reservations, then you order online but pay in-store.  Still simple, but not as cool as curbside service or reserved parking, which some merchants offer.

  • The Apple Store only allows you to reserve your order.  You have to complete the purchase in the store, but then it’s just like picking up take out–only you get an iPod instead of egg rolls.
  • Autozone has it, but you are limited to the things they sell at Autozone. But if you have a handy guy or gal, a gearhead or a grease monkey on your list you should be able to find them something there.
  • Best Buy is one of the companies really pushing this service with 45 minute ready time and reserved parking spots for people using it at some stores.
  • Borders Books also only allows reservations:  They make sure the items are in stock in your local store, and someone will email you when it is read to be picked up–most likely within two hours.
  • Container Store has great gifts here for the neat-nick in your life. You know, the person who has a walk in closet full of clothes in labeled plastic totes, alphabetized by color.  Certain locations even offer curbside service.
  • Famous Footwear offers reservations for shoes, just like Borders does books.
  • Finish Line is great for running, tennis, and basketball shoes, as well as trainers and sneakers.  They also have other sports apparel, besides shoes.
  • Golfsmith has everything for the little white ball enthusiast in your life sometimes ready for pick up in as little as 2 hours.  They also have tennis gear at some locations.
  • Lowes is also a good choice for both the handy folks in your life, and for all your home decorating needs and they claim you can pick it up in less than 30 minutes!
  • Microcenter sells computers and the rest of the things that go with them, and will put together a package for you that can be picked up and paid for in store. They will email you when its ready
  • Nordstrom has a limited selection of items available with this service, or maybe they have put it on hold for now? Either way I couldn’t find anything that in store pick up was listed for, but they say they offer it.
  • Office Depot ? Don’t count these guys out. They carry all kinds of electronics and stuff, besides the boring old office gear. Plus, if you are shopping for a high powered work-a-holic type, or an aspiring one, they have all kinds of nice office style gifts.
  • O’reilly Auto Parts offers the same things I said about Autozone.
  • Sears and Kmart are basically the same store these days, since Sears bought Kmart a few years ago. They have a service called MyGofer that takes care off all the details.
  • Toys R Us has only recently started offering this service, its still in beta testing according to their site, and no stores near me had their inventory online yet.
  • Walmart for a long time didn’t offer this, and I don’t blame them. Doing it right requires integrating your real time inventory and online ordering, and Walmart has a vast inventory and a huge number of stores. Well now they’ve got it, so pre-shop and save yourself the hassle.

So there you have it.

I’m sure there are more, but there doesn’t seem to be a definitive list online anywhere that I can find. If you know of any, please add them in the comment section. Me? I got all my shopping done early. Saturday to be exact. So all I have left to do is drink eggnog and wait for the packages to show up at my door.

Oh, and that reminds me, in the Los Angeles area BevMo offers BOPUIS on beer wine and liquor, which come in handy if you are having a holiday get-together or haven’t finish your gift shopping yet.

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