7 unique and easy last-minute gift ideas with our DealPros


It’s getting down to the wire here. With Christmas now less than a week away, it’s time to buckle down and cross those last few people off of your Christmas list. But now you’re wondering where to begin and what to do. That’s where our awesome DealPros come in! They’ve got some great gift ideas to help to save some money while giving a great gift this year.  1. Experiential Gifts. Alea from Premeditated Leftovers gives us this tip: “…experiential gifts are also great last minute gifts. You can buy them online and usually the certificate or tickets can be downloaded and printed out, emailed to the recipient, held at WillCall, or sent overnight by mail. In past years we have bought tickets to Itzak Perlman for my daughter, ski passes for our kids, concert tickets for my mom, tickets to a play for my dad, and season passes to zoos and museums for siblings and their families.”

2. Homemade Cards. Have artistic kids in the family? Turn their artwork into beautiful and meaningful holiday cards for friends and family. Premediated Leftovers shows you how to turn that artwork into cards

3. Stocking Stuffers. Stockings stuffers can make nice, simple gifts and are easy to pick up from places like Target, Dollar Tree, and Tuesday Morning. Looking for stocking stuffers? Mommy’s Wishlist has a huge list of stocking stuffers that can be found inexpensively at Tuesday Morning. 

5. Homemade Snowman in a Bag Kit  on Thrifty NW Mom. This gift ideas is perfect for those of you that get snow in your area! All you need do is put this kit together and just add snow! 

6. Yummy in the tummy treats! Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a nice tin of homemade cookies, right? Here are some great homemade treat ideas from our DealPros: 

7. Magazine Subscriptions. Magazine subscriptions make the perfect last minute gift. You can buy a friend a magazine subscription (won’t come right away), and pick up the latest copy of the magazine at the store. Wrap it up in a bow with a note telling them they are getting a subscription, and voila! Perfectly inexpensive, but a year-long gift idea! Check out this tip and more: 5 Unique & Frugal Christmas Holiday Gift Ideas That Help Save Money on Money Crashers. 

One of my favorite stores to shop at for last-minute gift ideas is 5 Below. Everything in the store is $5 or less, and they have some really cool and unique things. Be sure to check out my 10 last-minute gift ideas under $5 article. 

Are you a last-minute shopper? What’s your best gift idea? Share it with us!

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