6 little known ways to save money on your vacation this year


Two years ago, instead of flying, I decided to drive down to Florida for a business trip in order to save money. For some reason, I wanted to listen to NPR all day.

Did you know that during a week day, they repeat the same stories over and over and over again? I think by hour four I was done and decided to finally put some music on (don’t ask me why I lasted that long…).

But most of us know you can usually save some good money on shorter trips by driving instead of flying right? But what about some other tips that most people don’t know about? 
1. Even a trip to Disney can be a frugal venture! Karen from Saving the Family Money shares 101 Frugal Disney Tips on her blog. One of her best tips – buy your princess/pirate gear ahead of time at thrift stores instead of paying full price at the parks!

2. If you’re driving, use the Gas Buddy app to find the most inexpensive places to buy gas. Grocery Shop for Free shares this tip and more inn her How to Vacation Inexpensively article

3. Instead of buying expensive, junky souvenirs, consider collecting something from nature like rocks or seashells. Check out How to Save Money on Vacation Memories over on Northern Cheapskate. 

4. Travel like a local – or rather, ask the locals what to do for free or cheap! You know how to save money at home right? The locals in the area you are heading to know how to save, too, so it’s time to start chatting! Lauren from I Am That Lady shares this tip and more at 10 Tips on How to Save on a Vacation

5. Find a museum that is offering a “free to the public” day. Museums are educational and a lot of fun, and especially so if they are free! Check out this tip and more on Alea’s Why I Never Pay Full Price to Visit Museums post. 

6. Make sure you find those “Kids Eat Free” restaurants. More With Less Today has a great list of free resources to help you find these deals. 

What are some of your little known tips for saving money while vacationing? 

You can learn ways to save like this and more at a money saving class in your area

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