Meet the 2011 DealPros and Take the Savings Pledge!


Here at, we’re proud to announce a new initiative to help consumers save $1 billion: the Savings Pledge. To achieve this goal, we’ve enlisted the assistance of 53 of the savviest savers in America who have been selected to join our elite community of experts as the official 2011 DealPros. The DealPros will join forces with to help our users save $1 billion by providing expert shopping advice, access to the very best deals available and a new Savings Pledge launching tomorrow on Facebook. has helped Americans save more than $200 million to date, but we aren’t stopping there–we want to reach $1 billion. We’re welcoming an amazing team of 2011 DealPros who will help our users throughout their savings journeys, and it all starts with our newly launched Savings Pledge.

We are encouraging you to join this movement by taking the Savings Pledge on the our Facebook page to make a commitment about being smarter with your money. When you take the pledge, you specify the amount of money you plan to save weekly, how you plan to attain that goal and what you are saving for. It’s not about scrimping and sacrificing–it’s about being smart about spending money on the things you need in order to be able to afford the things you want. Whether it’s a down payment on a house, dream vacation, or new iPad 2, we want to provide users with the tips and tools necessary to achieve their goals.

To help you keep your pledge, you’ll receive ongoing expert advice and tips from the 2011 DealPros via your Facebook news feed and right here on the blog. In addition, five randomly selected consumers from the first 500 people to take the pledge will win a one-on-one, personalized advice session with a 2011 DealPro.

We’ll also be celebrating key milestones (e.g., $100k of savings pledged, $500k of savings pledged) by offering special, exclusive deals to people who take the pledge.

The 2011 DealPros include:

Check out their blogs, follow them on and stay tuned to the Blog & Save for smart shopping advice and money saving tips from the DealPros. 

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  1. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    It’s been interesting reading your stories, backwards as it were. Good luck to all of you.

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