10 ways to wear a moustache for Movember


Movember is here! As most of my friends know, I’m quite a fan of the moustache/mustache craze that seems to be taking over the last year. And now we get a whole month dedicated to it! So what better way to celebrate, than get some of our own guys in the office on board with Movember to help raise money for Men’s Health?! 

So how do you wear a ‘stache?  1. Own that moustache like a President! Our own Savings.com President approves this message.

2. Put that moustache on the wall. Some people might take this to the extreme and put a moustache on the window, but let’s please keep it on the wall people. 

3. Chin up! You can wear you’re ‘stache on your chin, too. But does that make it a goatee?

4. Wear it when you travel, and especially if you’re at Time Square! 

5. A moustache on top of a moustache….this one really can’t be topped! 

6. Wear it with a friend….come now…why so serious?

7. Wear it to lunch, and drink tea! It’s the posh thing to do.

8. Hitting the red carpet? Stand out with this handy accessory. 

9. Wear them to your next meeting. Everyone gets serious when the moustaches come out!

10. Include your furry friends! Paka approves of ‘staches, and dogs everywhere give them 4 out of 4 paws. 

Join our guys as they help show their support to raise awareness for Men’s Health Issues this November. We’ll be giving you all an update at the end of the month, and you can see their nice and clean-shaven pictures here. You can donate directly to the Savings.com Movember Team page here. Happy Movember! 

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