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Are you excited about the forthcoming Black Friday or are you indifferent?  This time of year, retailers go all out to sell as many things as they can to make up for any loss profits in previous months.

For consumers like us, it’s a great thing because we get to score deals that we normally wouldn’t see any other time of the year.  However, you must know the ins and outs of shopping this day or you get sucked into buying things you really don’t need and you may end up not saving at all.

In order to avoid all the chaos surrounding Black Friday, we asked our DealPros some of their most useful tips, so that you can make the most of your Black Friday. Surviving Black Friday

Historically speaking, with people waiting in long lines for Black Friday to begin, it almost seems like a game for the survival of the fittest.  Who can wait or sleep in line the longest, who can run through the crowds of people to snatch up the “one” and “only” HDTV at the advertised price, it really becomes an episode of ‘Survivor: Black Friday Edition’ (if you network TV folks are reading this, a pitch fee can be made in my name).  In order to keep the madness at bay, here are Black Friday Shopping Survival Tips from Saving The Family Money.

Organization is key to Black Friday success

With any shopping, you want to be organized.  You want to create a list of things you want to buy, what stores to buy each item at, your budget and even mapping out the stores to minimize your mileage usage.  More than any day of the year, you want to be organized on Black Friday.  Try using this Black Friday Shopping List Organizer from Grocery Shop For FREE.  Planning out everything will keep the stress level low and you’ll always have something to refer back to.

Boycotting Black Friday, shopping online is the way to go!

The truth of the matter is that not everybody looks forward to Black Friday.  Personally, I love a good deal, but I love sleeping-in more.  Depending on who you are, Black Friday can mean a variety of things, some good and some bad.

Black Friday was initially started as a shopping day following Thanksgiving.  However, over the years, this has changed.  Retailers have begun to 1-up each other and are now opening on Thanksgiving. This takes away the “Friday” in Black Friday and also takes away Thanksgiving for those employees who work at these stores.  Read Why this long time shopper and deal blogger is boycotting Black Friday from Smart Spending Spot.  She has a very valid reason.

If you’re not a fan of Black Friday but still want to score some deals, you can always shop online (and why go in stores, when the deals will be online up to 5 days before BF). 

Are you looking forward to Black Friday?  If so, have you started looking at the leaked ads? Let us know by commenting below.  Come back next week to see what our DealPros have to say about Cyber Monday.  Let the shopping extravaganza begin!

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