Savings Secrets: name brand vs. store brand


If you’re the regular grocery shopper in the house, chances are that you’ve given a little thought to the age-old question: is it cheaper to buy the store brand instead of the name brand? 

Sometimes we’re die-hard fans of particular brands, and other times we’re cool with whatever product is the best deal.

It’s also true that we can save significantly using coupons and sales to get the best deals on the brands we like.

But sometimes schedules get in the way, and we don’t always hit the store with our coupons at the ready. So it begs the question – is it better to buy the store brand? The DealPros chime in on this topic: 
1. Figure out if your brand loyalty has to go. Can you give it up for the sake of saving some money? Brittany shows how brand loyalty could be making you poor

2. Spend time looking for the store version of your favorite name brands. If you can regularly recognize the store brand, you’re well on your way to finding out if it’s the best deal. Read Erin’s post on how to find the store version of your favorite name brand

3. Learn how to compare unit prices to be sure you’re getting the best deal. Alissa shows us how to figure out the unit price

4. Based on sales and the unit prices, figure out which is cheaper. Read Mary’s post on how to decide which is cheaper

5. Do a taste test. Find out if you prefer the name brand to the store brand. See what Tiffany found out when she did a store brand vs. name brand taste test

Do you always grab whichever brand makes for the best deal, or do you have a few non-frugal brand loyalty vices? Just for fun, what are some of your favorite brands that you know you could never give up?

You can learn more ways to save on groceries at a Grocery Coupon Class in your area


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  1. Mary.Hoover

    1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing all these great tips Crystal. I think it is a common misconception that generic/store brand is always cheaper. Great food for thought. ;)

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