Nintendo Wii Price Drop In May?


A couple of weeks ago, when the Nintendo 3DS was released and Guy and Yasar were still in the same city, we wrote a blog about whether the 3DS was worth buying right off the bat or worth waiting to buy later.  We decided it was best to just wait it out and apparently a lot of people ignored us. 

Well, sort of. Yasar: The 3DS sold out “all 400,000 3DS launch units in Japan, and 500,000 units sold in the U.S. in the opening five days” according to The Inquisitr.  Sales, however, are starting to slow considerably for the 3DS and, the ex-champ of video game consoles, the Wii.

Guy: This is great news for consumers because that means that there should be a price cut coming to increase demand for their products.  The only real question is when and how much.  Engadget recently reported a rumor with the answer to both of these: a $50 price drop to $150 on May 15th for the Wii.  They also may wait until E3 in June to announce the drop, but the drop is most likely going to occur.

Yasar: The price cut would make the Wii cost $100 less than the handheld 3DS and the cheapest gaming console on the market.  With Nintendo stepping its game up (no pun intended) and offering a decent lineup of games (finally), there is no reason why this shouldn’t boost Nintendo Wii sales and convince you get the console if you’ve been sitting on the fence about it.  For those waiting for the price of the 3DS to drop soon, don’t hold your breath.  My prediction is that it won’t drop until sometime next year.

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  1. GuyCopes

    4 years ago

    Next week we rock and roll through some mobile gaming reviews. Oh yeah Pro Eleven Soccer 2011 on android, Glow Hockey, Words with Friends. Yeahyuh!

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