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Owning a pet brings joy to many people’s lives but there are also the financial obligations to consider. A majority of a pet’s basic needs fall under the major categories of food and health care. Veterinarian visits for vaccinations, medications, and emergency care can add up to a lot of money over the course of an animal’s lifetime. If you are thinking about getting a pet, but worried about the expense, you should know that are many effective ways of keeping pet care costs low.  

Experts advise pet owners to have their dogs and cats vaccinated once a year against rabies and distemper. Pet owners should keep an eye our for local vaccine clinics where animal protection agencies offer rabies shots for a big discount and sometimes even for free.

People who are not interested in breeding a pet should have the animal spayed or neutered. Check with your local animal shelter for low cost spaying and neutering clinics. Some areas offer this service for free, because local agencies are concerned about the high population of abandoned pets. You should also be aware that pets are at risk of getting Lyme disease from ticks, especially those who live in rural areas. Medications are available to protect animals from heartworm, ticks and fleas. Many pets will need to take these medications regularly throughout their lives. One way to save money is by purchasing these medications in bulk. As with human medications, pet generic medications are less expensive than name brands but do the same job.

Many pet owners spend far too much money on grooming tasks that can be performed at home. Check community calendar listings for fundraising pet wash events if you prefer not to make a mess at home. Many breeds will suffer with dried out skin if they are bathed too often. Check with your vet to plan a reasonable grooming schedule for your pet.

Veterinary schools offer free or low cost pet health clinics to allow students a chance to get hands on experience caring for animals. Licensed veterinarians run the clinics and supervise the students’ activity. These clinics offer pet owners a cheaper alternative for routine health checkups. A valuable resource for finding affordable veterinarian care is through The Humane Society and local animal shelters.  

Some pet owners are starting to explore the option of purchasing pet insurance. A policy will pay for itself if there is ever an emergency involving your pet or the animal gets ill. You can obtain quotes from several carriers and compare policies to see if pet insurance fits in your budget.

You will save a substantial amount of money if you buy pet food in bulk, and remember to always be on the lookout for dog food coupons and cat food coupons as well. Some generic food options are not as healthy, so you  want to make sure the diet fits your pet’s nutritional needs. Keeping your pet healthy is a good way to avoid frequent trips to the vet.

These are all ways that can help you save money on pet care. Every little bit you save will add up over the course of a year and a pet’s lifetime. Remember that each animal and breed has unique needs when it comes to diet and health, so you want what is best for your pet at the same time as being a frugal pet parent.

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  1. Allegra.Ringo

    3 years ago

    This is really handy. Thanks for the tips! I’m planning to adopt a dog in the next few months (the first dog I will have owned in adulthood!). I’ve been a little hesitant about it increasing my overhead, so this makes me feel better. Do you have any recommendations for pet insurance companies?

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