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Welcome back to the gaming corner of the world. This week I’m taking a look at one of the year’s most anticipated titles, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and the pre-order bonuses being made available to anxious gamers everywhere. Look at this as an example of the myriad available pre-order options that accompany most big game releases nowadays. Join the Club!

The Fortune Hunters Club that is. Gamers who take advantage of a pre-order option to become a member of this DLC (Downloadable Content) program will receive a plethora of bonus options. According to, the benefits of membership include: “the first four multiplayer map packs and first three multiplayer skin packs as they’re released.”

The club membership will cost $24.99. Just waiting to purchase the DLC when the individual components hit will cost upwards of $45. So $25 on top of a $60 game purchase sounds a sight better than $45 extra. As always this is only a deal if you are big into extra content. If the core gaming experience is enough, I’d say save your money and put it towards buying another game.

Amazons Attack!

Amazon is entering the Uncharted 3 pre-order fray by offering their own exclusives for purchasing through their site. Ordering through Amazon will net you an exclusive code that unlocks the following weapon upgrades:

  • Carpet Bomb Kickback
  • Clip Size Mod for Para 9
  • Clip Size Mod for G-MAL

No pricing discount (as of this writing) for this pre-order, but stay tuned. Amazon has a way of throwing up a limited time discount before and after big releases.

The Best Buy in Town!

Well, Best Buy’s pre-order offer at least is pretty cool. Again, no discount attached, but they are offering an exclusive code to receive a free Regeneration Booster to use in-game.

Pre-order Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception for PS3, and you’ll receive a code for early access to the Regeneration Booster. The booster comes in handy in both Competitive and Cooperative matches, by speeding up your rate of recovery from wounds by 70%. Code will arrive via e-mail on or round release date.”

The full list of bonuses and free DLC exclusives can be found at the Drake’s Deception news page. It includes exclusives at Walmart, Sony, Gamestop, as well as details on the contents of the Collector’s Edition.

Finally, there is a special Uncharted 3 bundle being offered that can be pre-ordered for $299 (sorry, no significant discount here). The bundle does include a copy of Drake’s Deception and a 320 GB hard drive PS3.

Naughty Dog’s latest foray into the high adventure world of Nathan Drake comes out on November 1st exclusively for the PS3 at a price of $59.99.

So who is grabbing which pre-order? Discuss below or on Twitter @SavingsGCapes.

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  1. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    I’ve never had to pre-order a game but bought all my games from Best Buy for son.

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