The Best Things in Life Are Free


We’ve all heard it before…”The best things in life are free.” If you really think about it, you’ll find that statement to be pretty true. I’ve polled my co-workers here at to see what kinds of free things they consider to be priceless. Yeah, I’m going for something along the same lines as the g’zillion MasterCard commercials we’ve seen over the years. You know…two tickets to a baseball game – $24. Two hotdogs and sodas – $30. An afternoon ballgame with your kid – priceless.

In any case, here’s what I heard back from the team…

In my opinion, good night’s sleep is pretty valuable. My upstairs neighbor is a DJ (translation= big speakers and an active nightlife) and downstairs guy is an aspiring rapper (translation=big speakers, minimal talent and a posse) who’s producing an album in his apartment, so when I get a good night’s sleep with no interruption, I would definitely say it’s priceless. And I know I’m not the only team member to put a high value on a solid night of rest. Stella and I have had plenty of conversations about noisy neighbors, yappy dogs and overzealous morning-time gardeners and their leaf blowers.

In the same vein of things that are priceless when you live in an overpopulated city like Los Angeles, Derek answered my poll with, “a good parking spot in this God-forsaken overpopulated cluster-EXPLETIVE of a city.” His comment was edited for content, but regardless of his word choice, I couldn’t agree more.

Switching gears completely, a lot of our team members replied to my poll with answers about their kids, most of which starting with “This may sound cheesy, but…” Here are a few of the things they had to say:

Iva said, “Seeing my daughter happy and healthy and being able to spend my day with her is the best thing in my life.”

Clo answered, “…when the kids come up to me for a kiss or a cuddle, especially when my teenage son does it – it makes my day.” Clo (who is, incidentally, a mother of FIVE) also said that “…when hubby takes the kids out for a couple of hours (all FIVE of them) on a weekend and gives me some time to myself without the constant interruptions of ‘!’,” that is absolutely priceless for her.

Erika answered that priceless is, “Seeing my daughter smile, hearing her laugh, seeing my husband come home from work, and my dog wag his tail when I come back from being gone (even if for 5 minutes). Priceless and makes life worth living.”

I’ll admit, it’s pretty priceless when I come home from a long day at the office, and I hear the bell on my cat Mika’s collar as she runs to greet me at the door.

Erika and I aren’t the only ones that place a high value on our pets. Katie said, “Sunday mornings, sunshine streaming through the skylights, newspaper strewn across the living room, and Lucy (Katie’s redhead dog, named after Lucille Ball) by my side. You can’t buy that.”

While Katie enjoys reading the paper when it’s sunny out, Holly said that priceless to her is “reading a good book when it’s cold and rainy out.” Also, “getting a hug when you really need one” made Holly’s list.

Hugs are great, but Kip said, “A word of appreciation from a friend or co-worker can make you feel pretty darn good.” I don’t think too many people would argue with Kip on that one.

For Lia, priceless is being able to go running in the morning when it’s not raining or too hot. For Darin, it’s taking a long walk in the evening to decompress and think about the day, while also getting some exercise. And while Darin and Lia feel that getting exercise is priceless, Loren said “the high that comes 15 minutes after exhaustion from any completely strenuous activity” is what he considers to be priceless.

Ryan chimed in and said that priceless to him is swimming in the Caribbean. He then admitted that doing so isn’t really free…there’s usually a $1,000 flight involved. Jacob H. keeps costs down by going to local beaches. He said “going to the beach on a fine sunny day” makes his list of priceless, and he added that “living in LA, we probably take that for granted.”

Quite a few of the things on this list are probably taken for granted a lot of the time. What kinds of free things do you consider priceless?

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  1. hbearsavings

    5 years ago

    Getting a big laugh out of someone when I least expect it is priceless! As is talking in-depth about panda bears with my niece and nephews.

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