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With PSN down, the Guy and Yasar Show has had plenty of time to sit around idly waiting for its return.  And “waiting,” we mean I’ve been destroying Guy at Halo Reach on Xbox Live.  All disses, aside, the news for Sony this week has been getting worse and worse.  The PSN network went down last week without any notice and now Sony claims there was a security breach. 

However, we’ve found the silver lining for them with news on Sony portable gaming and tablets. Guy: The death knell of Sony’s mobile gaming platform has been all but sounded as the $150 portable has failed to live up to expectations sales-wise around the world. A recent article over at confirmed that production of the PSP Go has ceased in Japan and that the US production will continue, but likely only for a limited time.

If you were thinking of buying a PSP Go, don’t. You’ll be wasting your money, as it is very unlikely that any new games will be produced for it and, with the Sony NGP (Next Generation Portable) on the horizon, it will soon become obsolete. As a discount buy with a limited scope of older games, you might be able to pick one up in a few months for a decent price–but once support is completely stopped for the product, you’d be better off saving your money and purchasing either one of the new Sony game platforms or a Nintendo mobile gaming system.

By comparison, Xbox Live on the Windows phone is available for Xbox Live Silver members and does not require an additional upgrade charge to Gold. All that is required is the Windows Phone 7 operating system, which is available on such smartphones as the HTC Arrive (via Sprint), listed at $499.99, but available for $200 after the instant $250 rebate at Sprint.

Or, you could just buy the old PSP-3000, which will only cost you about $129.99 and “has a UMD drive and doesn’t rely just on digital downloads to play games, unlike the PSP Go.”

Yasar: Speaking of Sony mobile gaming platforms, it has been revealed that the Sony S1 and S2 tablets will be Sony’s way of competing with the iPad.  The S1 will feature a 9.4 inch screen whereas the S2 will open up like a flip phone and feature two 5.5 inch screens.  Both models will offer access to the PSN network and Qroicity, Sony’s music and video store.  They will also feature the powerful Android operating system.  For those wondering what sets this apart from any other tablet, the answer lies in their focus. 

The Sony tablets are, according to the,  going to be “100 percent focused on Qriocity, Sony’s music, games, e-books, and videos on demand service that’s just been launched in Europe. It comes preloaded with Sony PS One games, a Bravia Media Remote, and yes, PlayStation integration.”  They have not revealed which games it will come preloaded with or the official price points just yet, but you can expect that information to be released closer to their debut which could be as soon as September.

That’s is for this week.  If you’re waiting for the PSN network to return, Sony says it’s going to be bringing it back bit by bit over the next few days.  For more gaming info check us out on Twitter @YasarSavings and @SavingsGCapes.

UPDATE: While Sony could potentially lose somewhere close to $24 billion, there is no evidence at this time that the hackers were able to break the encryption on user’s credit card information. So fingers crossed and a sigh of relief that, hopefully, our finances aren’t at risk.

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