Q&A Black Friday/Cyber Monday Part 1: Predictions for best deals


Black Friday is only 2 weeks away and the anticipation is building.  Most shoppers are waiting to see what sort of deals they can score on Black Friday and do the majority of their holiday shopping that day.

I’ve experienced many Black Fridays throughout the years and I still ask myself if it’s worth waiting in line for and if the deals are indeed that incredible.  So this year we’ve compiled a list of questions that shoppers may be thinking and have them answered by our DealPros. Q: What are your predictions for the best Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday deals for 2012?

Courtney Solstad, My Crazy Savings: My best guess is that Cyber Monday will be BIGGER this year and the Black Friday deals will be better to try to compete with that. I think we will see random deals that are loss leaders to get people in the stores. Not high dollar items, but things like towels, crockpots, etc.

Christina Brown, Northern Cheapskate: I would expect to see deals on small appliances, small electronics (like iPods Kindles, and tablets), and bargains on video games. Nintendo is unveiling it’s new Wii U this season, so there should be a flurry of deals on the new system as well as discounts on games and accessories for the original Wii.

Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers: Although I wish I had a crystal ball, it’s almost impossible to figure out exactly which products will be featured at significant discounts on Black Friday. Judging from those of the past, I think you’ll see the best deals on items people want most this holiday season – namely, electronics. “Smart” technology is all the rage, from cell phones and tablets, to flat screen TVs and gaming systems. Toys, as always, should be big hits on Black Friday too. Remember Furby, the furry imp that swept the country back in the ’90s? Well, he’s back – and techno savvy, so all the kids will want him. My Little Pony remains all the rage, and Nerf products have maintained their popularity as well. Also, there will likely be many great deals for housewares.

Karen Rodriguez, Saving The Family Money: K-Cup Coffee Makers will be a hot item with great sale prices. Video Games, like the Halo 4 Release. Find stores that also allow coupons and even bonus money back to maximize these purchases.

Jennie Sanford, Bargain Blessings: Smart Phones for free with new 2 Year Contract. Game System Package Deals from Amazon starting at $199 (most likely will include some type of Amazon credit promotion). Kitchen Aid Mixer deals with stacking promotions from Kohl’s and also from Amazon. There will continue to be many TV deals with Best Buy and Amazon dominating the market.

Zack Reyes, Look Before Spending: I think the best deals as far as percentage off will be for technology.  Specifically big screen TVs and Blu-Ray players.  I think we’ll see our first sub-$300 1080p 50+ inch TV and probably a major name brand Blu-Ray player in the $20 range.

Kelly Snyder, Kansas City Mamas: Xbox Kinect, Doc McStuffins, LEGO Ninjago, Keurig Machines.

From what the DealPros having been saying, it seems that you will be able score some incredible deals on electronics, games and small appliances.  What do you think about their predictions?  Come back tomorrow for Part 2 in the Black Friday/Cyber Monday series.

(Source: Savings.com)

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