Q&A Black Friday/Cyber Monday Part 2: Predictions for the best stores


Yesterday in Q&A Black Friday/Cyber Monday Part 1, we talked about the best deals predicted for this year during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Have you thought about which stores will have the best deals?

I always get bombarded with all the Black Friday ads last minute and get pretty overwhelmed.  After looking through the ads, I can’t make out who really has the best deal.  See what are DealPros have to say about what stores you’ll need to keep you eye on.

Q: What are your predictions regarding what stores will have the best deals for the best Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday?

Erin Huffstetler, My Frugal Home: Walmart will be big. Best Buy, too since they’ve just announced they’re trying to regain their popularity. Kmart seems to be upping their game, as well. I wouldn’t be surprised to see JC Penney run some sort of special promotion, too.

Christina Brown, Northern Cheapskate: Amazon and Walmart will probably rule the deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but don’t rule out Target, Kohls, and Best Buy.

Courtney Solstad, My Crazy Savings: I think Target, Walmart and Kohl’s will have the best deals for Black Friday. I think Best Buy and Amazon will have the best Cyber Monday deals.

Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers: For brick-and-mortar deals, you just can’t go wrong with Walmart. However, it generally stocks a limited number of their famous “door buster” specials, so be sure to have a plan B in case Walmart is out of what you want. Better yet, be there in the wee hours to beat the rush. With online outlets, Newegg and Tiger Direct tend to have excellent deals on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Jennie Sanford, Bargain Blessings: I expect Amazon to once again be a huge player in both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Best Buy will offer some of the deepest discounts on the higher end TV brands with Walmart dominating the deals on the lower end TV deals. I expect Amazon to have the deepest deals on game systems and individual games during 2012. Shoppers will want to keep an eye on Walmart and target for the best tablet deals.

Zack Reyes, Look Before Spending: I think as usual, Walmart will lead the charge as far as the deepest discounts, with Target and Best Buy follow right behind. Best Buy is able to offer so many different technology deals because of their massive everyday selection. You may see a TV of every size from 19 inches to 60 inches at the lowest price of the year.

Karen Rodriguez, Saving The Family Money: Walmart and Target have always done well in price wars for items. This year Target is price matching it’s online store and several other stores like Walmart and Best Buy. In this case, if you can get free shipping, there is no need to fight black friday sales. And always price compare with Amazon. They LOVE to match other retailer prices.

Lynette Rice, Cleverly Simple: This year, shopper’s will find that many stores like Target will be price matching. This makes it easier to find everything you need in one store to help you not only save money but time.

Do you have a favorite store to shop at?  It seems that Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Amazon will have the best deals. Come back tomorrow for Part 3 in our Q&A Black Friday/Cyber Monday series.

(Source: Savings.com)

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