Q&A Black Friday/Cyber Monday Part 5: Tips for shopping in stores


After yesterday’s Q&A Part 4, I’m ready to shop online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Now the big question is, will I have the patience and confidence to shop in stores?  I’ve heard so many horror stories of how people were trampled, even killed on Black Friday, and that scares me.  Our DealPros give their best tips for shopping in stores this Black Friday.

Q: What is your best (and most unique) tip for those that brave the stores for Black Friday?

Courtney Solstad, My Crazy Savings: My best tip is to team shop! Have a plan before getting in the store and divide and conquer!

Kelly Whalen, The Centsible Life: Don’t! It’s typically not worth your time to spend hours in line to save.

Christina Brown, Northern Cheapskate: Study up on the features of the products you want to buy.  Some major discount stores get stripped-down versions of electronics, so be sure you’re buying the product you think you are.  A really great price on a TV or a digital photo frame might not be all that great if the product is of poor quality.  Try to find some online reviews of the exact model in the advertisement to make sure that the deal is worth the money.

Erin Huffstetler, My Frugal Home: Stop by the stores that you plan to shop at a day or two before Black Friday to locate the items that you’ll be shopping for, so you don’t waste time hunting for them on the day of the sale. Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers: There are many Black Friday shopping tips available, but the most important are to get as much rest as you can, and plot out your day in advance. Also, if possible, bring a friend. This is a huge help when dealing with lines and making final decisions. Finally, get yourself in a good mood, and have fun knowing you’re scoring great deals!

Jennie Sanford, Bargain Blessings: If you’re planning to shop on Black Friday consider going with a friend as a “team” so you can split up and grab door busters for each other. Also, make sure that the people you are shopping with you have the same objectives in mind. There is nothing worse than getting all pumped up for the big day only to find out that your shopping buddy would rather kick back and relax in the food court or spend an hour trying on 15 pairs of jeans in the dressing room. Talk to the store employees to get inside information on how that store’s Black Friday system works. Do they hand out tickets to those waiting in line? How early do people usually start lining up?

Zack Reyes, Look Before Spending:
If shopping at stores on Black Friday bring your patience. You’ll need it for standing in line, for dealing with rude people and for accepting the fact that the store ran out of the item you were waiting hours for.

Karen Rodriguez, Saving The Family Money: Hubby and I have done Black Friday shopping for years together. We split up to find the items on our list. 9 times out of 10 the isle you head for to get that item will be super crowded. Don’t forget to look at end caps and displays where you might not think they’d be. I found all 10 items on our list this way one year when hubby hit the main isle for that item, they were already gone.

Kelly Snyder, Kansas City Mamas: Have a plan. Know your priorities and only shop for them…if a store is crazy or out of stock, move on to the next one. Also shop in pairs – one can wait at the checkout while another shops or one can pick up two items while another one picks up something different.

Lynette Rice, Cleverly Simple: My best tip for scoring Black Friday deals is to take a friend with you that has a similar list. In shopping together, you’ll be able to tackle more items on your list in less time. You’re a team!

If you’re going to shop in stores, make sure you’re well rested, have a plan, and bring someone so that you can tackle more items.  Come back tomorrow for Part 6 in our Black Friday/Cyber Monday series.

(Source: Savings.com)

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