Q&A Black Friday/Cyber Monday Part 6: #1 Advice & The End


Over the course of the last couple of days, our DealPros have answered questions on what the best deals will be and what stores to find them at, trends, how to shop online and in stores.  Today, to sum up our 6 Part series, we’ve asked them for their best shopping advice for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Q: What is your #1 piece of advice for Black Friday/Cyber Monday shoppers?

Courtney Solstad, My Crazy Savings: Wear comfy shoes…you might be inline for a long time…before the store opens and after :)

Kelly Whalen, The Centsible Life: Know what’s on your list, and be prepared with a plan of action.

Christina Brown, Northern Cheapskate: Make a list! It is too easy to get caught up in the shopping frenzy and end up spending too much without getting your shopping list done. Erin Huffstetler, My Frugal Home:  Only shop for the items that are a really good deal. Save all of your other shopping for another day.

Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers: Do plenty of research ahead of time – know exactly which stores are selling what and for how much. Also, formulate a game plan so you can hit each of them expediently. There won’t be much time to score the best deals, so you need to spend as little time as possible in the thick of it as possible.

Jennie Sanford, Bargain Blessings: Do Your Price Research. There will be thousands of so called “deals” this holiday season, but what is really a “deal”? It is not uncommon for retailers will slowly raise the regular price of an item before the end of November. I cannot stress how important it is to know what you are shopping for and what your price point for the item is. One of my favorite places to research prices is Amazon.

Zack Reyes, Look Before Spending: My #1 piece of advice for Black Friday/Cyber Monday shoppers is to keep calm. While in a store, this is obviously essential. However, even when shopping online, if the store is out of the item you want, don’t stress out. Remember this: you are not losing any money by missing out on a Black Friday item. You simply lost an opportunity to pay a little less. It’s not the end of the world.

Karen Rodriguez, Saving The Family Money: Be Patient and prepare for the crowds. Mentally prepare yourself for rude, shoving people. Shop without a cart and you’ll get where you need to faster without fighting other people and their carts.

Kelly Snyder, Kansas City Mamas: Plan and know your prices. Even on Black Friday and Cyber Monday – there are “deals” that aren’t that great.

Lynette Rice, Cleverly Simple: When shopping Cyber Monday keep a detailed spreadsheet of what you’re planning to buy and what you have already purchased open at all times. It’s too easy to over-buy when all it takes is the click of a button. If you find a good price, make sure you take a few moments to search to make sure it’s the best price online.

Whether you shop in stores or online, do you research (a lot of it), write down a list of things you want to get and then create a game plan.  Oh, and be patient!  People tend to get aggressive and the last thing you want is to be on the front page of your local newspaper because you were in the middle of a brawl.  Here’s to another year of successful and stressful *ahem*, stress-free Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

(Source: Savings.com)

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