Ride a Zigo Carrier Bike and Save Money


After going through a traumatizing car accident recently (with my kids in tow), it got me thinking more than ever about ways that I could transport my kids to and from our daily activities

Before the accident, I was looking at mini-vans, but the gas consumption did not match up with the green lifestyle I’ve been trying to maintain.

I may, however, have found transportation salvation in the form of the Zigo carrier bike. Over a year ago, I tested the Taga bike originally from the Netherlands and I wrote about how much you could save, simply by riding it to work, transporting your children, and to run errands and grocery shop.

The only competition to the Taga in the U.S. was the Zigo.  Looking at it from the design standpoint, I thought the Taga was a lot more attractive than its competitor Zigo.

Finally a year later, I got to test out the Zigo at the All Child Baby Expo in Las Vegas and I must say it looked so much better in person. Similar to how some actors look okay on screen (as in nothing really standout or special) but when you meet them in person, they are knockouts.

I was able to ride it around the expo floor and I must say the Zigo maneuvers much better than its competitor Taga (Don’t get me wrong, I still think the Taga is such an innovative stroller-bike with so much to offer).

The biggest difference I must say, was that the Zigo felt like a real bike. The ride was very smooth and even though I was making large turns in between displays, the bike itself was very sturdy.  I had good control over it and felt comfortable that I would be able to transfer that confidence into the streets (as a parent safety is my top priority).

Zigo makes more sense for distance riding, as it comes with 20 inch wheels and it gives you the option of an independent bike and stroller.  It’s a no hassle carrier bike that makes it simple and safe for the everyday family–you can ride up to two kids and don’t have to buy the extra add-ons as with the the Taga.

With the Zigo, I would feel safe riding my children to and from school on the streets (in the bike lanes) as opposed to the Taga which I would only ride it on the sidewalk just like walking a stroller (especially after my recent car accident).

One of the benefits of riding a carrier bike is saving money.  You can save money in so many ways. First and foremost, you don’t have to pay for gas.  Secondly, you get a total workout while you are either taking your kids to and from school and running errands.  On top of that, you save the time and energy in finding a parking spot, as well as saving your carbon footprint.

The Zigo retails for $1,399. The initial price tag can scare you because anything that goes over the thousand dollar mark sounds high for what is essentially a bike-stroller, but when you break it down it’s quite affordable and will save you money in the long run.

For example, if you get a no-interest credit card for 12 months, the monthly payments would come out to be $116.58 (without shipping), which means you would be paying $3.83 per day to use the bike over the course of a year.  For me, my monthly car note, gas, and car insurance comes out to be close to a $1,000.  So for me, this would be a money saving choice and the cost of the bike is only $500 more than my Phil & Ted’s double stroller.

Obviously for some trips I would need to go by car, but anything local in the  3-4 mile radius (which I think is reasonable) could be done with the Zigo.

Have you tried out the Zigo or the Taga?  How much do you think your family could save by using a carrier bike as an alternative to your car?

Right now, you can save even more money by entering to win a free Zigo until January 31, 2011. It’s as easy as spreading the word about the Zigo on your social networks.  Now what are you waiting for?

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  1. iwerner

    4 years ago

    wow, this is really cool. I never seen it before.


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