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Can you believe Thanksgiving is just 3 weeks away?!  Are you hosting a dinner or are you going to be a guest at another?  Whether you’re cooking up a feast or taking your own special dish to a potluck style dinner, this is one of those times of the year that you can take advantage of the amazing deals at your local grocery store.

If you want tips on how to save money this Thanksgiving and learn how to cook the perfect turkey, our DealPros have some really handy tips for you! How to save on your Thanksgiving dinner

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of a long dining room table lined up with dish after dish.  For me, that equates to spending a lot of money.  Well, surprisingly you can actually save money with these 6 Tips For Saving On Thanksgiving Dinner from Saving The Family Money.  You can also take advantage of the Turkey Coupons, Deals, Rebates and Best Prices, a list compiled by The Prudent Patron. 

Cooking the perfect turkey, in 2-3 hours?

It’s tradition that people lose sleep the night before Thanksgiving or they wake up in the wee hours of the morning to start getting their “star” ready for the big unveiling.  Yes, I am talking about THE turkey.  You and I know that if you mess up on your turkey (no pressure added), if it comes out dry, then your guests will be leaving the dinner feeling like they’ve missed something.  If it’s juicy and succulent, then you’ll become THE “star” of the party.

Do you want to cook the perfect turkey without having to slave over the oven all day long?  Here’s How to Cook the Perfect Turkey from Getting Freedom From Debt.  The average cooking time is between 2 and 3 hours.  How does that sound to you?

Staying healthy this Thanksgiving and beyond

If you want to stay healthy during this holiday season, our resident healthy gal, The Thrifty Mama offers you 7 Simple Ways to Make Your Holiday Healthier.  Also, try using these 8 Food Substitutes to Make Your Thanksgiving Meal Healthier.  You can still indulge in all the holiday goodies by making slight adjustments to keep your health on track!

Recipe ideas for the big feast

Have you tried something last Thanksgiving where you were like, “I’ve got to get that recipe!”.  I’ve had many moments like that because people tend to whip out their best of the best during Thanksgiving.  Here are some our DealPros’ bests:

Thanksgiving activities to keep the boredom at bay

When the kids are at home, I have to try to think of activities they can do.  If I can’t come up with anything interesting, I’m in big trouble for the entire day.  Here are 9 Fun and Frugal Thanksgiving Activities, Games, and Crafts Ideas for Kids by Casey Slide with Money Crashers. 

If you want a head start on Thanksgiving, have your kids color these free Thanksgiving cards (mentioned on Mommy’s Wish List) for their friends and teachers when they need something to do on Veteran’s Day.

Have you made your dinner plans yet?  Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Start planning, create a budget, save at your local grocer and cook some amazing dishes for your feast.  Come back next week when our DealPros talk about Black Friday!  Already?  Yes!!

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  1. CrystalECollins

    2 years ago

    These are great! I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving this year!

  2. Susan.Yoo-Lee

    2 years ago

    me too! Going to make hubby cook double, at work and at home! :-) Time for mommy to rest.


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