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Many people adopt a frugal lifestyle after landing in a bunch of debt or losing a job. As for me, I’m pretty sure I was born that way. When I was in second grade, I saved up all of my allowance money until I had enough to buy a jean jacket (no small feat at $1 a week). When I turned 11, I moved on to the lucrative world of babysitting and started saving twenties instead of ones. Then college came and I quickly added couponing and clearance shopping to my skill set.

Since then, I’ve collected all sorts of savings skills, and I continue to collect new skills all the time.

My savings story may not be flashy, but it’s my story–and it’s one that has served me well. All of those skills that I’ve picked up along the way have helped me to reach goals and to get through hard times. They’ve kept me out of debt and allowed me to share what I have with others. They will continue to serve me well throughout the years. Of this I am sure.

So …Where does your savings story begin? If it hasn’t started yet, why not start it today? It could start off simply, like mine, and grow into something magnificent.

Want to hear more savings stories like mine? Tune in to the Save Up live streaming session today starting at 3:15 pm ET with a Southern Savers couponing class, followed by the Savings Story session at 4:15 pm ET.

Erin Huffstetler is the Frugal Living Guide at Her frugal living tips and tricks have been featured in numerous print and electronic publications including, The Wall Street Journal,, Family Circle and Parents. She feeds her family of four for $50 a week, and rarely spends more than $1 for a piece of clothing. The frugal life is good!

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  1. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    When I was a child I would save up all my change. I’d wrap them individually by coins in several handkerchiefs and placed them in between my mattress. I’m not a very good spender. I can buy well at bargains. Savings started young because of my childhood, but I wish I had learned “how to spend” for that in itself is a method of learning too.

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