Shop Like a DealPro: Saving Money on Holiday Meals with Faithful Provisions


Meal planning isn’t just for day-to-day dinners, but works to save money on holiday meals as well according to Kelly Hancock of Faithful Provisions .  In addition to her recent post on How to Save on Holiday Entertaining , she sat down with us at the recent Save Up conference to offer advice on making those seasonal feasts for a fraction of the cost.

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Video transcript:

I’m Kelly Hancock with, and I’m a 2010 DealPro. Today I’m going to tell you how to save money on your holiday entertaining and meal planning.

One of the things that I do is I start making a list of all the things that I want to cook for my holiday parties. The first thing I look for are things that are going to cost me the most. I look for those items on sale. So, meats are usually those items. They can be turkey, they can be pork tenderloin, or steak, whatever it is. I’m going to look for those, and when I see them at a really good price, then I’ve got my meat for that party.

One of the things that I do every year that helps me a lot is I usually prepare a baking day. I do that about two weeks before Christmas, and I think of all the things that I can make ahead of time. Those are things like rolls or sweets. So they could be cookies or cakes, casseroles, different items that I know will freeze well. Then that cuts down on all the work on Christmas day or Christmas morning or the party that I’m going to host.

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