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Pet owners know that just one visit to the vet for a pet’s annual check-up can cost hundreds of dollars. However, skipping or delaying a pet’s annual check-up is a dangerous option which can lead to illness and higher vet bills in the future. With two adorable pugs at home, I found myself on the hunt to find affordable veterinary services.

A friend told me about a company she found called Val-U-Vet. They have a mobile clinic which offers affordable shots and tests! The more I researched this company, the better I felt. I decided to take my pug Mae to a Val-U-Vet set up outside of a local CVS. I called my vet first to find out exactly what services she would need, and of course, how much they would charge. At the time of this video, my vet wanted $189 for her yearly tests and vaccinations. (They now charge over $250 for the same services.) Val-U-Vet charged me only $70! I saved $119!

Going to a mobile clinic is a different experience, but I found the Val-U-Vet staff to be just as caring and knowledgeable as our regular vet. We definitely plan to use the mobile pet clinic again.

I videoed Mae’s Val-U-Vet experience, so you could see for yourself what it is likely to take your pet to a mobile clinic.

Val-U-Vet is a Florida based company, but there are likely similar services near you. Check with the Humane Society to find services in your area. I would suggest calling the Humane Society for your county and your neighboring counties. I found out a lot more information by calling rather than searching their website. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to talk with your vet. Some vets will work with you on the price. If your vet won’t, then don’t be afraid to comparison shop the vets in your area. We learned that cheaper doesn’t have to mean inferior when it comes to vet services.

Brittany Ramos is a third generation couponer, who shares her tips and tricks for saving money at and is a regular contributor to The Palm Beach Post’s Real Deals.

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