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This week, we ride the mobile gaming train right into freebie land. The only thing better to a gamer than playing video games is actually getting to play said games for free. With mobile gaming becoming more of a regular activity for us here at the Yasar and Guy Show, the arrival of Kongregate onto the mobile scene is very timely indeed. Guy: is an online community of games that you can play for free.  They feature MMOs, Strategy/Defense games, Adventure/RPG games, Shooters, Puzzles, Action games, Multi-player games, and more.  Gamers gain their street cred by completing achievements, uploading new games, referring new players, rating games, and a couple of other different ways.  These points can then be used to claim exclusive prizes like extra levels or access to exclusive content.

Another way to get access to bonus content is through Kreds, a virtual currency you can use to:

[I]nstantly purchase power ups, virtual items and even be able to donate funds directly to the developer of your favorite game.” 

This virtual currency can only be acquired by purchasing it with real money (i.e.; a credit card).  You can also support the developers of your favorite games by donating to the “Tip Jar.”  After the tip jar has reached $25, whoever creates the game will get 100% of the profit.  Games can be uploaded by anyone so you have the chance to show the world how great of a creator you actually are.  For more details check out the Kongregate Help section.

Yasar: Kongregate Arcade for Android is an app that allows you to play over 300 games on your Android phone “running Android 2.2 (Froyo) or higher, with Flash player 10.1.” The app is completely free and so are the games. With the new configuration, Kongregate Arcade now opens a separate browser window when you select a game to play. It then uses that browsers cache for storage.

Other features of note:

  • Collect exclusive, mobile-only badges on top games
  • Fully integrated with your Kongregate web account

The app creates the feel of a limited gaming community of sorts in that you can rate your favorite or least favorite games, read reviews from fellow members of the community, create a profile, Games are sorted by category and there are also helpful tutorials available. You can filter games based on Unplayed, Unrated, Has Badges, or even those that have been low rated. The community features present on the website version don’t seem to be included in the app (forums, My Friends, friend invites, etc.), but if you’re using an Android phone, these should be easy enough to access via another window.

Guy: The App (Did we mention it is free as are the games???? Holy Bargains, Batman!), which originally debuted last week, hit a major bump in the road when it was actually removed the very same day it debuted “due to issues with the application offering up what seemed to be application downloads,” which is a violation of Google’s Android Marketplace rules. A new, more in-compliance version has returned this week and that is the one I downloaded today.

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