Saving Secrets: Why it’s time to finally ditch cable


I took a poll on my Facebook page a few weeks ago and asked people what they spend monthly on cable. The average seemed to be about $70 a month, with some people spending as much as $200! 

I was floored. As someone who hasn’t paid for cable in years, I coudn’t understand why people paid so much to watch the same stuff that is available online or for free over the air. 

If you’re spending $70 a month on cable, that comes to $840 a year. If you cancel it and pay for a streaming service like Netflix that costs $7.99 a month, you end up only spending $95.88 a year. 

Here’s why it’s time to ditch cable: you’re spending too much money! 

Let’s lay out the alternatives for you: 
Free Over the Air TV

You can get local channels over the air for free. All you need is a good Antenna. You can find the list of stations that broadcast for free in your area here

Cheap Streaming Over the Internet

Extra shows that you want to watch are much cheaper to stream over the internet. Here are the top four competitors right now: 

  • Netflix — unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows for $7.99/mo. 
  • Hulu Plus — many shows for free, or unlimited movies and tv shows for $7.99/mo. 
  • Amazon Prime — many movies and tv shows streamed for free for $79/year, plus free 2-day shipping. 
  • Redbox — instant streaming plus 4 DVD rentals at a kiosk per month for $8/mo.

All you’re gonna need for streaming is a converter box like Roku. However, if you have Xbox, Wii, PS3, or a Blu-Ray player then you can stream through one of those. 

So what do you think? Are you ready to ditch cable or have you already done away with this expense?

Crystal Collins, a DealPro, is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate and thrifty as can be. Check her out on her blog at


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