Saving with our DealPros: 5 savvy, back-to-school tips for busy families


Many of you are already back into the school season, and you’re still trying to get organized and deal with the hustle and bustle. If you’re like me, you might have even procrastinated on preparing the Fall wardrobe or snatching up enough school supplies.

The cool thing about the DealPros, is that they have a wealth of knowledge and deals that will help you live a better life on a budget. Here are 5 savvy back-to-school tips from them this week:

1. Buy your clothes from a thrift store. Check out these tips for doing all your back to school shopping at Goodwill. Don’t have a Goodwill nearby? Check out these other tips for saving on kids clothes

2. Make things easier on yourself by having good lunch containers, and use these easy to pack school lunch ideas
3. Get the family more organized and mentally ready to handle the school year. 

4. Still need school supplies? Check out these tips for last-minute school supply shopping

5. Remember to look for deals on snacks like this snack pack deal, and use coupons whenever possible. 

And be sure you’re also taking advantage of the following to really save on your grocery bill and cut down on meal-time stress:

  • Shop the sales.
  • Use coupons whenever possible.
  • Plan out a week’s worth of meals ahead of time. 

Do you have any savvy tips for this back-to-school season? Tell us about them!

Find a DealPro in your area and join them at a coupon class to help you save money at the grocery store!

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