Savings Makeover: 4-day Corpus Christi family vacation for $585


Recently, our DealPro Shellie Deringer planned a four-day trip to Corpus Christi for Austin mom Traci Shannon as part of the savings makeover.

For $585, she was able to get a hotel room for $275 using coupon on, $130 for dinners using Valpak Mobile, $80 for attractions using the Valpak website (ahead of time) and $100 for gas using the Gasbuddy app.

She was also given an additional $150 contingency money ($38 per day) just in case she went over. If her kids were hungrier than usual or the price of gas suddenly jumped, having that extra padding would be a stress-saver.
The best part about the trip was that it was a staycation, a vacation not too far from home which allowed more days to be spent with family rather than losing days from traveling.

Shellie was able to plan a fun-filled staycation without doing major damage to Traci’s pocketbook. To read more about her vacation tips and the savings makeover, head on over to Saving with Shellie.

If you would like to keep up with Traci, you can find her at A Star in my Own Universe or on Twitter @TracisStar and Facebook.

Bon Voyage at a city near you!


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