Savings Nation is Spreading Money-Saving Knowhow Nationwide


Over the past few months, the team here at has been working on a new initiative called Savings Nation. Savings Nation is a movement to bring money-saving workshops to communities all across the country that are taught by DealPros in an effort to teach people that “There’s No Such Thing As Small Change!” We tested this program with four classes earlier this spring, and we’re thrilled to announce our expansion into 25 more cities this summer! We’re beyond excited to be partnering with money-saving experts, the DealPros, in cities all across the country to help spread the message that saving money at the grocery store isn’t as difficult as people think! With just a few tweaks to your shopping habits, you can save up to 50% on your weekly grocery bill.

Class attendees will learn how to plan meals, coupon realistically and shop strategically from couponing experts from right in their communities. In addition, they’ll meet other like-minded shoppers with whom they can share this learning experience, and they’ll receive tools to help them stay connected and to continue the learning process.

If you’d like to attend a Savings Nation class in your area, visit There you’ll find a list of currently scheduled coupon classes. Be sure to check back frequently as new classes are added almost every day!

And remember, “There’s No Such Thing As Small Change!”

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