Savings Secrets: 10 things you need on hand for Christmas Day to avoid disaster


It never fails: Christmas Day comes along (you know…the day when all the stores are closed), and you just found out that you’re out of pumpkin pie spice. And the pumpkin needs to go into the oven in T-minus 2 minutes. What to do, what to do?  

Well, you could wait and let this happen or you can prepare ahead of time and make sure you have all of these items on hand for the holidays. 

1. Pumpkin pie spice. Let’s face it….this is probably the most important thing to have on hand. Who wants pumpkin pie without the spice in it? 

2. Coffee. Unless you’re okay with the kids waking all the adults up at the crack of dawn without anyone having any coffee, then don’t worry about this one. Warning: We cannot be held liable for any actions of non-caffeinated adults on Christmas Day. 

3. Toilet paper. Don’t get stuck with 10 people in the house and no toilet paper. Trust me on this…
4. Baking powder. It’s a necessary must if you want the oven goods to rise. 

5. Baking soda. This one is also necessary. Not only do you need it for baking, but you’re gonna need to use it to scrub out the tub after the relatives all get done taking a shower on Christmas morning. 

6. Flour. It’s a given, right? Just make sure you have enough of this on hand. You never know when you’ll need to thicken up the gravy after you added too much milk, or when an extra loaf of pumpkin bread needs to be made up after the dog snatched the current one off of the table when no one was looking. 

7. Wine. Because wine.

8. Electricity. It should go without saying, but don’t forgot to pay that electric bill this week. I know things are hectic, so just make sure to send in that e-payment. 

9. Napkins. Am I the only one that always forgets these? We use cloth napkins regularly, so I have to remember to make sure they are all washed up before Christmas Day. But if you do paper napkins, make sure you’re stocked so Uncle Billy can clean the cranberry sauce off of his chin. 

10. Trash bags. You do not want to get caught without these after all the gift wrapping has ended and the meal is over. And on a side note, don’t forget to put the trash can at the curb this week. You’re going to need all the room in that thing that you can get!

See now you’re ready to avoid disaster. And you were all worried for no reason… ;)

Crystal Collins, a DealPro, is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate and thrifty as can be. Check her out on her blog at Crystal also works as a consultant for on the Favado grocery program. 


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