Savings Secrets: 10 ways to be romantic and save money this Valentine’s Day


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Is it possible to be romantic on a budget? Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and some of you may have some increasing anxiety the closer we get to it. The day can be costly if you’re not careful. And let’s be real guys, even if your girl says not to make a big deal out of the day, she still secretly wants you to. And ladies, don’t just leave it all up to the man. He wants to feel loved and appreciated just like you do on the “Day of Love.”

So what can you do to be romantic AND save money? Well here are 10 tips for you: 

1. Don’t shop online. 

I know…I know…This is where we tell you to shop online all the time, so why am I saying don’t shop online? Well that’s easy…you’ll save money on things like flowers and jewelry buying locally. And your flowers bought locally tend to last longer. Once packaging and shipping is calculated in, you can usually save more money buying local. 

2. Do shop online. 

Hold up…I just told you not to shop online, right? That’s correct. But there are instances where you can get a better deal by shopping online. If you are planning on something other than jewelry, flowers, chocolates, a gift basket etc… it’s prudent to look online for a good deal. Using a coupon code, and/or a free shipping code can usually swing you a good deal if you are looking for a specific type of gift.  3. Don’t buy flowers from the side of the road. 

These guys usually get the worst pick of the day, and the flowers won’t last long. There’s nothing worse than getting a bouquet of flowers and it dying within a day or two. 

4. Use a daily deal site like Groupon to find a deal at a local restaurant. 

Just be sure to look and make sure that fine print doesn’t exclude you from dining out on Valentine’s Day. 

5. Plan a romantic “dining-in” experience. 

Pull out a blanket to place in front of the fireplace, and plan a romantic in-door picnic for the love of your life. Sprinkle flower petals around, and cook a delicious home-cooked meal. 

6. Do not underestimate the power of flower petals. 

Take some petals from a few of the flowers you bought and scatter them around the dining area, or the bedroom. This is a simple, inexpensive and effective way to add in more romance. 

7. Surprise your love with something randomly thoughtful. 

If she mentions that she really loves mountains, take her to have a picnic or leisurely stroll by a nearby mountain. If he mentions how big a fan he is of a certain musician, make sure that music is playing when he comes home. It’s the little things like this that are inexpensive, but can make the most impact when it comes to being romantic. 

8. Buy a couple of new candles with a romantic scent. 

This especially goes for you guys out there. Women love candles. Set the right mood with some nice candles. 

9. Skip the champagne. 

Most people will enjoy a good bottle of wine just as much as a bottle of expensive champagne. Go for a good, inexpensive bottle of sparkling white wine can be a good substitute. Check out more tips on finding good, inexpensive wines at

10. Keep the meal simple, yet elegant. 

Chicken with a cream sauce glaze and asparagus on the side makes an elegant, yet inexpensive meal. Dessert can be as simple as some gelato or sorbet. The love of your life will feel like you went all out, and never know that you saved money!

You can find ways to save like this and more at a Money Saving Class in your area. What are some of your tips to save while tackling Valentine’s Day this year? 

Crystal Collins is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate and thrifty as can be. Check her out on her blog


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