Savings Secrets: 4 shopping tips for the last-minute holiday shopper


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Well we’re getting down the wire here when it comes to holiday shopping. All of us that waited until the last-minute are now scrambling for those last couple of gifts. But hey, we planned it this way, right? Some of us like the thrill of the last-minute scramble. Don’t be hatin’!  

And the good news is that even the last-minute shopper can be savvy and save money. With just a few simple shopping tricks, you can save some money and hopefully some time as well with your mad-rush-to-the-store-to-get-those-last-few-items. 1. Check online before you head out.

Some sites are still guaranteeing delivering by Christmas with either free or relatively cheap shipping. If you don’t want to head out, this is the way to go.

2. Price compare.

If you need something, don’t just go to the first store that’s got your item. It’s better to look around and find out if there is a cheaper price to be had elsewhere.  

3. Price-Match.

Many stores will price-match, so you can save yourself both time and money by comparing prices, and price-matching. A lot of stores will also price-match online prices as well. Just recently I was in Best Buy, and they price-matched an price. I was able to get my item right away AND get the best price. 

4. If all else fails, make a gift. 

Homemade gifts don’t have to be cheesy, but can actually be really nice gifts and quite meaningful. Check out these DIY gift ideas our DealPros shared.  

You can learn shopping strategies like this and more at a Workshop in your area. Do you have any tips for the last-minute holiday shopper? Tell us about it in the comment section! 

Crystal Collins is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate and thrifty as can be. Check her out on her blog

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