Savings Secrets: 5 stores to keep an eye on this Black Friday


It’s no secret that I love shopping all of the deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. “Black Friday week” is my favorite week out of the entire year for shopping. But what really makes it the best week for me is that I can sit at home in my PJs, and order all the deals online. 

Retailers offer the same if not better deals online than they do in-store. Yeah, you heard that right! I know a lot of you love the tradition of risking pneumonia out in the cold and the pushing and shoving that goes along with grabbing that last toaster oven, but I’m more of an idealist. Ideally I wanna just sit in my PJs, drink my hot cocoa, and click to order! 

But whether you’re shopping online or in-store, I’ve got my top picks of stores to keep an eye on based on the previous years’ deals. 
5. Wal-Mart - What would any Black Friday list be without this big box retailer? If you’re really up for braving some serious crowds for some great bargains, this is the place to go. Or you can play it safe and still get the deals by shopping at 

4. CVS – This pharmacy should not be ignored when it comes to Black Friday. Every year they offer a bunch of items for free after Extra Care Bucks. Plus, if you use coupons and plan it right, you can usually walk out with a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff for a few dollars!

3.Best Buy – We all know Best Buy simply rocks when it comes to the tech deals. They’re on this list simply for the fact that they are consistent with the deals from year to year. Bring on the cheap TVs!

2. Kohls – Kohls is pretty sweet with the deals every Black Friday. Every year I’m able to combine a 20% off coupon code with free shipping, rebates, and I’m able to get Kohls cash. Pretty cool, right? But no worries – if you wanna shop in-store then you can get the deals there, too. 

1. – Amazon gets the number one spot because frankly, they’re hardcore when it comes to the deals for the holidays. They’ve turned Black Friday into a week-long event, with new deals happening every few minutes. 

Are you planning out your strategy for Black Friday yet? Which stores do you plan to get your deals from (in-store or online)?

Crystal Collins, a DealPro, is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate and thrifty as can be. Check her out on her blog at Crystal also works as a consultant for on the Favado grocery program. 


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