Savings Secrets: 6 easy ways to start saving money in the New Year


Whether you’re making a resolution to reduce spending this year or not, everyone can stand to save a little money and I’ve got a few easy, pain-free ways for you to do so. 

1. Shop the post-holiday sales for items you need or for gifts the following year. Shopping the day after holidays like New Year’s, Valentine’s, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc… is a great way to easily save some money on items that would make great gifts throughout the year. 

2. Check the sales flier before you hit the grocery store. It’s easy to save some money on your grocery spending, just by looking through the sales flier and planning to buy some items that are on sale. Focus particularly on the front of the sales flier, because these are usually the really good deals. 

3. Drive smoothly to save on gas. Speeding up slowly, and making smoother turns can easily reduce what you are spending on gas. In this case, it pays to be a good driver.  4. Unplug electronics not in use. Whether your phone is currently being charged or not, that outlet is running power to your phone charger and costing you money. Unplug all or at least some of your electronics when they are not in use and you can easily shave some money off of that electric bill. 

5. Find a DealPro in your area to follow on a regular basis. DealPros are great at finding the best bargains. Following one via RSS, email or a social channel will help keep you alert to the best deals. 

6. Shop online when possible and always look for a coupon code. Shopping online when you can means you are saving time and money by not going out to a store. It takes a few seconds to look for a coupon code, and can easily get you free shipping, $10 off or another great discount. 

You can learn tips like this and more at a money saving workshop in your area. These are just a couple of things you can do in 2013 to save money. What are some of your tips?

Crystal Collins is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate and thrifty as can be. Check her out on her blog


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