Savings Secrets: Five ways to get the best deal on a costume


It’s that fun time of year again, when we embrace our inner kid and dress up to impress while knocking on random people’s doors, visiting the local festivals and having our own little pumpkin parties with friends….oh wait, is that just me that does that? Who says the kids just get to dress up and have all the fun?

But if you thought that costume buying for the kids was expensive, just imagine what it’s like trying to come up with an adult costume on a budget. 
1. Browse those thrift stores. Man I love a good thrift shop treasure! And right now the thrift stores are packed with racks of costumes, or you can find fun unique clothes to pull together your own fun idea for a costume. I’m a big fan of Dr. Who (have you all figured out that I’m a sci-fi nerd yet?), and a Dr. Who Costume is super easy to put together with thrift store finds. 

2. Raid your closet. Got some leftover fun clothes from decades past? Bring back some of your history with a unique outfit put together of those ’70s clothes. No matter the past decade…bringing out old clothes for Halloween can be both fun and nostalgic. 

3. Raid your friend’s closet. Not happy with your options? Ask a friend if you can look through his/her closet for ideas. Maybe your friend has an old costume he or she doesn’t want to wear again, or has some cool clothes you could put together for a fun costume. Make it a fun adventure and you both raid each other’s closets!

4. Check the clearance mark downs. While it is important to always watch the clearance, especially after a holiday is over (buy for next year), you can also find clearance happening right now. Don’t be afraid to raid those clearance racks for bargains on costumes. 

5. Embrace your inner creativity that’s just dying to get out: Make your own costume. Got a sewing machine or a friend that has one? There are tons of tutorials online for how to make pretty much any type of costume you could want. My favorite? Well as a self-confessed Trekkie, it has to be this easy DIY Star Trek uniform.

And if all else fails, Oriental Trading Company has a bunch of fun costumes and is offering $10 off plus free shipping right now. 

You can learn about more ways to save, by checking out a Savings Nation Class in your area. Join us for a Holiday Savings class this Fall, and let us help you save money this holiday season. 

Are you going to embrace your inner kid this year? What will you be dressing up as for Halloween?


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  1. ChuckG

    2 years ago

    A creative mind can save a lot of money. I put my husband’s tie on my head. Wore one of his dress shirts totally button wrong. Wore a pair of boxer shorts over my jeans. One sock, one shoe. I called it, “The day after a bachelor party.” Didn’t cost me a dime and everyone loved my outfit.

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