Savings Secrets: How to create a stockpile of food with coupons


Once you’ve learned the basics of how to start using coupons at the grocery store, it’s time to start saving some money and build up a stockpile of groceries in your home. If you’re new to couponing and building your stockpile, there are a few things to consider.  DealPro Stephanie Brandt from talks about having a good stockpile, how to store it and how to stock up. Watch her video below: 

1. Be careful buying more than you need, because you don’t want stuff to go bad before you can use it. 

2. Always bring older items to the front in your pantry so that you are using items in the order they were bought. This helps you avoid losing items because they expire. 

3. Keep in mind that most grocery item sales run on a 4-6 week sale cycle. So buy at least enough to get you to the next sale cycle. 

4. Always use proper storage methods when storing food items. 

5. Don’t have room? Non-perishable goods can be stored under beds, in closets and various other places. Be creative!

You can learn more about stockpiling and grocery couponing at a Savings Nation Coupon Class in your area. What are some of your tips for creating and maintaining a good stockpile of groceries?


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  1. JustHazel

    3 years ago

    I go about it with a semi-sorta prepper mentality. I live in a split level so have the most important items on each floor. If an Oz like thing happens, I’ve got some below. If a flood happens, I’ve got some above. Cat food and cat litter included.

    I treat my stockpile with a “Fight Club” mentality. Rule number one, don’t talk about it. If the time comes that my neighbors need fed, I’ll have enough to feed them. But, I’m not open about what I do.

    I have everything dated and go through things once a month. Anything that is set to expire the following month goes to the food pantry in town.

  2. Allegra.Ringo

    3 years ago

    @JustHazel, your “prepper” mentality is really smart! I’m still a baby couponer, and I just started a stockpile when I moved into a larger apartment a few months ago. My MO as of now is pretty much “buy non-perishables at a stockup price and throw it in a pile in the closet.” Hey, it’s a start!

  3. JustHazel

    3 years ago

    @ dealtown

    LOL – whatever works. Don’t rule out furniture! There’s nothing wrong with a a paper towel ottoman, cases of water end tables, and V8 coffee tables! IKEA has nothing on us, grrr.

  4. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    We don’t have a stockpile of groceries, but we have a lot of cleaning products (leftover mentality from working in hotel business). Every cleaning product, paper towels, etc, stocked away from kitchen.


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