Savings Secrets: How to find a coupon class in your area


September is National Coupon Month, and that means thousands of consumers are going to take some time to learn how to be smarter with their money. Coupon classes are a great way to learn how to live a better life on a budget by saving on groceries. 
We have a network of Dealpros that teach you how to save money at the grocery store by doing things like shopping the sales cycles, using coupons, meal planning and more! We even have classes coming up that show you how to prepare for the holidays. 

To find a teacher and a class in your area, visit our Coupon Classes page here. You can browse all the upcoming classes, and register in advance. Plus, on September 26th, is teaming up with LearnVest to offer you a free grocery savings webinar. Mark you calendars.

These coupon classes will give you the tools, information and community support you need to save up to 50% on your groceries each week. For the average family, that equals an extra $200 a month in your pocket!

Learning to lead a better life on a budget is an attainable goal! When you attend a class, you’ll learn how to make small changes to your shopping and spending habits that’ll have a big impact down the road.


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