Savings Secrets: how to make your own flour


These days it can be expensive to buy good, quality flour that doesn’t contain added chemicals like bleach. If you’re still thinking about those New Year’s Resolutions, and wanting to be healthy, you need some simple ways to stay healthy. It’s actually quite simple to make your own flour at home. All you need is either a wheat grinder (gah – they are expensive), OR you can just use your blender (save money – FTW!). 

How to make your own flour:

  1. Place two cups of wheat berries (or alternative) into your blender (any more than this and it will take FOREVER to blend up). 
  2. Blend up until you have flour. This can be anywhere from 2-5 minutes. Then sift your flour with a sifter.

And with gluten intolerance becoming more and more prevalent these days, it’s definitely a money-saver to make your own gluten-free flour at home.  Alternative foods you can make flour out of:

  • Oat flour. Oats aren’t just for oatmeal anymore. With gluten-intolerance on the rise, this is a great, inexpensive alternative to wheat flour and is one of my favorites! All my foods turn out light and fluffy with oat flour.
  • Rice flour. Also a great alternative to wheat, rice flour is great for baking as well. 
  • Almond flour (and other various nuts). And blended long enough, it wil even turn into almond butter. 
  • Coconut flour. 
  • Garbanzo bean flour. This is the ingredient in most gluten-free flours. The garbanzo beans will need to be dry in order to blend them up into a flour. 
What are some of your favorite wheat flour alternatives? Have you made your own flour in a blender before?

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Crystal Collins is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate and thrifty as can be. Check her out on her blog at


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