Savings Secrets: How to outsmart the marketers this Holiday Season


See the ads stating that the stores will be open on Thanksgiving Day for Black Friday deals? That’s smart marketing. If the retailers can get you into their stores before you head to the others, you’re more likely to spend more of your holiday budget with them vs. someone else. 

So while we gripe and complain that Thanksgiving Day is a day of rest, people are stilly planning to head out in droves to the stores instead of chowing down on turkey and watching football. 

So how can you grab the deals this year while still enjoying your holiday? Here are some tips for outsmarting those marketers this holiday season:
1. Don’t get sucked into the “I have to get there first” hype. Starting the week of Thanksgiving all the way up until Christmas Day, the deals are plentiful. Patience grasshopper – the deals will come to you!

2. If you still want Black Friday deals but don’t want to head out, then it’s time to turn on your internet connection and pull out the Debit or Credit card. Shopping online has never been easier or more secure. And most retailers are offering the exact same deals online. 

3. When you do shop online, use coupon codes and/or cash back to save even more money. So not only did you save money on gas and that early trip to Starbucks, but you also saved with a coupon code! Winning!

4. Browse all of the ads and make a plan for what you actually need. If you just “wing it,” you’re going to end up spending way too much money. Will it be worth it? Probably not. 

5. Don’t get sucked into the idea that “I have to leave with something,” and then you end up leaving with something you regret purchasing. This doesn’t save you money at all, and just leads to frustration. Retailers count on these impulse purchases to really make Black Friday profitable for them. Just don’t do it!

6. Price-match the deals that you want in order to save money and time. Many retailers will price-match other stores’ Black Friday deals. You just have to be aware of the times the deals are available and price-match at those specific times. 

7. Plan to make household necessity purchases during the holiday season. Did you ever realize how good the deals are on things like blenders, coffee makers, etc…? If you need these items for your home, now is the perfect time to buy. So while others spend all their money on gifts, you could be supplying your home for a mere fraction that you would be any other time of the year. 

8. Don’t spend your entire holiday budget in one day. Be wise, and wait. Most of the time a better deal comes along online. 

9. Use your favorite sites to be alerted of the best deals. Our DealPro network shares the deals on a daily basis, and the deals are already amazing! You can even set up alerts for certain product deals on is another site that will alert you when there’s a specific price drop on an item you’re watching. 

Now grasshopper – are you ready to outsmart the marketers this holiday season? What’s your plan?

Crystal Collins, a DealPro, is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate and thrifty as can be. Check her out on her blog at Crystal also works as a consultant for on the Favado grocery program. 


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