Announces $125 Ad Buy During Puppy Bowl X

Not actually a DEXA scan.
LOS ANGELES – Refusing to be priced out of the year’s biggest day of television watching, Los Angeles-based coupon and deal site announced today that they will spend upwards of $125 advertising their Twitter feed during Puppy Bowl X, the counter-programming phenomenon running concurrent to Sunday’s Super Bowl.
“We’re in the game!” exulted Seth Barnes who works in marketing for “Granted it’s the day’s second biggest event and we’ll be advertising on the proverbial second screen, but doggone it we’re ready to play ball!”
The negotiations to secure the right to display messages next to the #PuppyBowl hashtag were intense, but the team never faltered. “Twitter came at us with a suggested bid range of $1.50 – $2.50, but do you know what? We typed in $1.45, and they immediately accepted our offer, so who’s the top dog now?” crowed Barnes.
This sleight of programmatic marketing will allow to reach dozens of Puppy Bowl viewers in real-time. Barnes confirmed he may even ramp up marketing spend over the course of the game because “at, we cook with gas.” The company plans to offer special deals, offers, and discounts on pet food and supplies to the viewing audience and their lovely, cutesy, smoochy pooches.

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