Blood, Sweat & Tears: Prepares For Black Friday 2010


You can probably guess that it is a busy time of year for us here at Black Friday and Cyber Monday loom, promising awesome deals for our users. And an equally awesome amount of work for our employees securing and posting those great deals in time. It’s enough to make a penny pinching professional panic! But not if you are prepared.

How does your top money saving site prepare for the challenge…the trial…the triumph that is the holiday shopping season? What does it take to make a lean, coupon code posting machine? It takes weeks, nay, months, of grueling training. The discipline of a champion. The concentration of a yogi. The improbable resilience of Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars.

It takes….oh, just watch the video already!

So there you go…the secret is out. As you can see, Black Friday/Cyber Monday prep involves guts, glory and oddly enough, dogs. Also copious amounts of caffeine and staring at computers for long periods of time. But it’s all worth it come the day after Thanksgiving when we go to bed secure in the knowledge that our users saved hundreds of billions of oodles of dollars on Black Friday.

Then we get up at five the next morning to look for Cyber Monday deals.

Somebody cue “Gonna Fly Now…”

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  1. pmauro

    4 years ago

    Who is this guy in the Cal Poly sweats? Nobody is paying attention to his workouts.

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