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It’s that time of year again when many of us start to think about the holidays. But more-so, the gifts that we need to purchase for our loved ones. Do we stand in line on Black Friday or stay up until 12am on Cyber Monday?

Don’t we all wish we had the magic wand to predict the best times to buy certain gifts. Well, I don’t have a magic wand to give you, but I have something very close to it. We know how important it is for you, our readers, to get the best deal on your purchase. So we analyzed more than 1.5 million deals from over 25,000 retailers to provide a comprehensive calender that will reveal the best times to buy gifts this holiday season.

For years, Black Friday and Cyber Monday were in the spotlight as the day to make all your big purchases. But with our calendar, you’ll see that they’re not the only days that should be on your shopping radar. We have the best days to buy almost anything for this holiday! 2013 Holiday Shopping Guide

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As you can see from the calendar, you can actually get some of the best deals on clothing and accessories from December 15-24th (you may be able to get steeper discounts than Cyber Monday). Also, Black Friday isn’t the only day you can score an amazing deal on electronics. Retailers start releasing their amazing electronics deals the first two weeks in November to entice consumers to shop as early as possible.

With Christmas being the kid’s favorite holiday, you can look towards the first week of December to score some incredible deals on toys, games and sporting equipment. For food and wine lovers, three days before Christmas is the time to get your purchases in.

This year, make smarter purchasing decisions by using our calendar to guide you in the right direction or help you plan for your shopping trip or trips. Here’s to the best shopping season to date!


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