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It’s Halloween in a little over 3 weeks and I’m sure you’ve thought about what your going to be for Halloween this year. However, your costume wouldn’t be complete without your four legged pet in their own ensemble.

We’ve teamed up with Halloween Express to give you a taste of this year’s Halloween pet fashion. With the help of our pet models, we were able to showcase some of the best, cutest, bravest costumes for your four legged babies.

Move over Paris Fashion Week, it’s about time these four legged models took over the runway in Halloween style.

1. Superman. Booboo is fashionably sporting his blue shirt with the traditional Superman logo and attached cape. Comes in sizes Small to Extra-Large. Price: $26.99


2. Butterfly. Paka is wearing her black costume with orange piping and a three tiered layered skirt. And of course, we couldn’t forget about her adorable butterfly wings and matching orange flower headpiece, which finishes off her look. I don’t think it could get more magical than this! Comes in sizes Small to Large. Price: $20.99


3. Wonder Woman.
Lola is sporting her dress style costume with red top, gold belt-line and blue skirt with white stars. The back showcases the Wonder Woman logo. She means business! Comes in sizes Small to Extra-Large. Price: $23.99

Wonder Woman

4. Zelda Pirate. Thomas is bringing his inner pirate out for Halloween. Showing off his shirt, striped pants, hook paw and hat, he is one cute pirate. Arrrg! Comes in sizes Small to Large. Price: On sale for $27.99

Zelda Pirate

5. Gangster. Have you ever though about bringing out the Al Capone in your dog? Luffs is crazy cute in this black suit-style costume with white stripes, attached shirt with collar and matching hat with red band. Comes in sizes Small to Extra-Large. Price: $24.99


6. Shark. Pistachio is adorably sporting a Hammerhead Shark costume. Included are the foam headpiece with printed eyes and vinyl teeth, and foam-padded body with fins and tail. Don’t go close, you might get bitten! Comes in sizes Small to Large. Price: On sale for $30.99.


7. Darth Vader. Ryno is definitely giving the real Darth Vader a run for his money. The costume that he is wearing comes with a shirt, detachable cape and headpiece. Comes in sizes Small to Extra-Large. Price: $26.99

darth vader

8. Zelda Prisoner. Riley is prison chic in this adorable ensemble. The striped shirt, pants, and ball and chain really complete the fashionable prison look. Comes in sizes Small to Large. Price: On sale for $30.99.


9. Triceratops. With this massive dinosaur headpiece, Rubia is definitely working her costume. With three horns on it, you better watch out for her. Comes in sizes Small to Large. Price: On sale for $12.69


10. Turtoise. Chloe is strutting her tortoise costume which includes foam headpiece with printed eyes, a foam-padded shell and attached legs. Comes in sizes Small to Large. Price: On sale for $34.99


11. Hot Dog. Wizard is the most adorable hot dog I’ve ever seen. Sporting a cloth costume with hook and loop, adjustable closures, this hot dog will beat any specialty hot dog in town. Comes in sizes Extra Small to Medium. Price: On sale for $24.19


12. Baby Bumblebee.
Bambi gives us her most adorable pose as she shows off her bee style dress and cute antennas. People will be buzzing about her when she makes an appearance at any Halloween event. Comes in sizes Small to Large. Price: On sale for $17.49

baby bumblebee

Are you inspired to get your pet into one of these cute ensembles? Halloween is all about having fun and why not have your four-legged loved one be the center of attention. To help you out, Halloween Express is offering a coupon good for 15% off your purchase until October 15th, 2013. Happy four-legged Halloween!

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