Red Carpet Photos for the Oscars


Here at, we like to hit the red carpet in style. We save you money, all while being fashionable at the same time. Some of our employees wanted to show you how we celebrate…

auggie bowtie

Auggie is our winner for best “Golden.” He likes to save you money on all your fashion needs. pistachio red dress 2

Pistachio wins the award for best female lead in a polka dot dress. 

ryno pistachio couple

She’s joined by her boyfriend Ryno on the carpet. They are definitely the hottest couple of the night!

ryno tux 1

Ryno is quite dashing in his tux. 

thomas bowtie 2

And Thomas wins best dressed of the night, in his sharp bowtie. He works daily in the offices to help you save the most money, and would like to send a woof out to all of his loyal fans! 

Happy Oscar night everyone!! 

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  1. Allegra.Ringo

    2 years ago

    I especially like Pistachio’s pics, but I’m biased ;)

  2. iwerner

    2 years ago

    Oh, they are all adorable.

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