Shop Like a DealPro: Ballers on Budgets on Great Homemade Gift Ideas

Shop Like a DealPro: Ballers on Budgets on Great Homemade Gift Ideas

Want a unique gift idea?  Go for a gift basket!  But not those pre-fab cellophane covered wonders–make your own and specifically target the interests of your intended recipient. 

Penny Ray of Ballers on Budgets gives his tips for pulling together a thoughtful, useful and personal gift via homemade gift baskets.

Ballers on Budgets blogs bimonthly for and you can get more tips on living an active lifestyle while pinching pennies by following @ballinonbudgets on Twitter. Stay tuned for more ways to save money with DealPro tips on the Blog & Save.

Video transcript:

My name is Penny Ray, and I am President of, and I am a DealPro. I will be sharing tips on saving money during the holidays.

I believe that when you prove that you know a person and use your hands to make something, then it goes a long way. Some kind of elaborate basket that also has elements to it that they may need. Such as, if the person was really trying to start a business, then maybe you throw in a couple books and some CDs. And then maybe you collect a bunch of articles and create your own top ten list of things for them to accomplish over the next six months as they enter the new year. Something to help them jumpstart what they may have been wanting to work on but hadn’t had the opportunity to actually start pursuing it yet.

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