Shop Like a DealPro: Little House Living on DiY Cleaning Products


PineSol Cleaner:  $2.00
Windex Cleaner:  $4.79
Fantastik Spray Cleaner:  $3.19
Lysol Kitchen:  $3.00

Making your own cleaning supplies:  priceless.

Well okay, not really…but Merissa Alink of Little House Living offers up a cheap and easy recipe to save lots of moola on cleaning products.

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Video transcript:

I’m Merissa, and I’m from I am a 2010 DealPro.

I’m here today to share some everyday savings tips. One of my savings tips is to make your own cleaning supplies. Basically, all that you need is vinegar and water. The basic solution is two parts water to one part vinegar. The cleaning supplies are also really easy to make because all you’re doing is combining the water and the vinegar in a spray bottle, and that’s all there is to it.

Probably the average cleaning supply costs around $2 to $3 a bottle. I try to pay under $2 a gallon for vinegar. For a spray bottle size solution of cleaning supply, you would need about maybe just a cup of vinegar. So one gallon of vinegar is going to go a long way. Obviously, water is free, and only a few drops of essential oils are just pennies.

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