Sometimes its Okay to Not Save Money


Did you see the “30 Rock” episode last week about IKEA tearing couples apart? Well it’s true. Me and my wife, forewarned having just watched the show, went shopping this weekend for a new mattress and got in a little fight. Now we didn’t go to IKEA, we went to Sears, but otherwise it was pretty much the same thing.  Little issues get amplified as you try to make a decision when confronted with an almost infinite number of options that you will have to live with for years and spend a significant amount of money on. Our old mattress we had bought new in 2008 from a no-name store front close-out liquidator, that may have actually been a front for shooting porn after hours. We hadn’t done research and although we got a good deal on the what we got, we didn’t get the mattress we should have. It was too big. The “pillow top” bunched up and got lumpy. And somehow we ended up with a regular king bed and California king box spring, so it always hung out a few inches past the mattress.

It was time to go shopping again. I like regular retail chains because there is no negotiation, no dubious deals. There is a price, that is what you are paying. All the big mattress chains seem to excel at hard sell come-ons and easy financing. On top of all that for some reason everyone has private labels that make it nearly impossible to compare between retailers.

Sears was having a big friends & family sale, so we went there first. My plan was to test sleep a bunch of them at the regular Sears retail showroom, then find which-ever model we agreed on at the Sears Outlet. I already wrote about their outlets here, when I went looking for a HE front load washer. I love ‘em, but they are a bit understaffed and the inventory changes daily, so you need to talk to a live person before pulling the trigger.

We were all set to get a great deal on a Seally, an full $200 less than the discounted Sears retail closeout price. My wife made the call, no answer. Second call, we just wanted to check a detail on the mattress before we drove 30 miles to get it and she got put on hold forever. Third call got busy signal, and we got into a little fight.

And I gave in early. How much is happiness worth to you? I realized almost immediately that domestic bliss was more important than $200 and winning the argument. Now we have a bed on its way, and we just can’t wait.

Be careful out there, saving money is all fun and games until you are standing in a parking garage shouting at your spouse about a piece of furniture. I am also reminded of an article in The Onion years ago “Study Finds Paint Aisle At Lowe’s Best Place To Have Complete Meltdown“.

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  1. chrismason57

    3 years ago

    The Designing Divorce! Know it well!

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