Spiderman Apology Gift Ideas for Appeasing Mary Jane


Spiderman broke his date with Mary Jane. Actually, Peter Parker had the date with MJ. She didn’t know at the time that Peter and Spiderman are the same. If Peter wants to stay on her good graces then he had better find a way to apologize and quick. Roses and diamond jewelry won’t cut it, besides Peter can’t afford it. He needs to think creatively and cheaply to say, “I’m sorry MJ (…for standing you up on our date while Spiderman was out fighting crime).” Here are a few “I’m sorry” gift ideas under $20.

Recordable Cards with Music from Hallmark

Peter, completely insecure around MJ, can record his apology on a card and slip it under her door. He has up to ten seconds to say, “I’m sorry.” Peter probably will make a mess out of the message and cut out mid-sentence. That is why she will adore it.


Smile Gift Basket from 1-800-Baskets

Imagine Peter Parker ringing Mary Jane’s doorbell. She peers through the peephole and sees a gift basket full of smiley faces. Of course, she will open the door!

Included are red delicious apple caramels, Cheryl’s chocolate chip cookies, smiley face cookie, butter toffee and kettle popcorn.


Manni Plush Bear from Barnes and Noble

After a long hard day at work, MJ returns to her apartment. Disappointed at Peter for breaking their date. Disillusioned at a failed audition. Dissatisfied at the meager pay at work. All that is washed away when she sees a teddy bear waiting for her at the foot of her front door. No note needed. She’ll know it’s from Peter. It’s the right apology gift at the right time.


Sterling Silver Double Heart Pendant from Target

Even with all the photos Peter takes of himself as Spiderman, he still falls short from making decent income to buy MJ pretty things. Luckily, he can buy a pendant that has two hearts interlocking with each other.

What would Peter say when he gives this to MJ besides “I’m sorry”? He would say, “My heart is in yours.” Awww!


Chocolate Truffles from See’s Candy

Yes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but chocolates come a close second. Peter may knock on MJ’s door and hand her a box of truffles. Don’t be surprised if MJ snatches the box and shuts the door. Women don’t share bite-sized truffles made with rich butter, heavy cream, real fruit, and the finest gourmet chocolate around. She’ll eat the whole box and then accept his apology…when she’s ready.

What inexpensive apology gifts would you recommend to Spiderman (or anyone) give to someone?

Charli “Chuck” Gulley is a screenwriter, filmmaker and freelance writer who lives in Southern California. Quite the tomboy, she enjoys Rugby, Fencing and touch football. She’s an alumnus of the prestigious screenwriter’s workshop, “Writers Bootcamp.” Her passion is Hollywood, anything and everything to do with filmmaking. If you don’t find her on set, you can find her at the arcade playing air hockey and eating pizza.

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  1. SavingsIQ

    3 years ago

    I saw this really cute personalized crystal compact mirror for $20 at gifts.com. What girl doesn’t want her own pretty mirror?


  2. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    SavingsIQ – that is a really pretty mirror, but more fitting birthday gift and holiday gift. Spiderman needs to apologize and reflect on what he’s done, don’t think MJ would like a mirror for an apology gift. Really pretty though.

  3. champ76

    3 years ago

    The gifts above are adorable and I just love the smile gift basket !

  4. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    Thank you, Champ! That gift basket is only $9.99 which is a lovely way to say “I’m sorry” or “I’m thinking of you” or “Cheer up” – whatever.

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