The Early List of Black Friday Video Game Deals


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Welcome back one and all to the greatest show on the gaming-centric interwebs. This week, the Yasar and Guy traveling console circus takes a look at the early 411 on what to look for in the world of video games this upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Guy: Our top picks for early Black Friday deals were pulled from a variety of sources. Not too surprisingly, there are many online deals out there already waiting to be scooped up by eager gamers. has a great Black Friday Video Game cheat sheet with deals galore on consoles, console games, and accessories from retailers such as Kmart and Walmart. Remember though, these are early bird deals. The best discounts are to come and will only offer bigger savings once the two biggest shopping days of the year roll around.

One choice eye-catcher from this list is Fallout 3 for $9.99 at Best Buy. Others on the list are offering it for $39.99. Still a good deal, as they are also offering the brand new Fallout: New Vegas at the same price ($20 off the regular price), but…$10 bucks!? Very nice.

Yasar: has also posted some great deals for when Black Friday actually hits from some of the top retailers.  The first one that caught my eye was the PS3 160GB console with Uncharted 2 and Medal of Honor Limited Edition for only $299 from Walmart.  They’ve also got some great deals on games including Super Mario Galaxy 2 for $35 from Target.  My favorite part about their site is that they feature the times the stores will open, so you can plan your day (if you consider 4 AM the start of your day) accordingly.

Guy: One of our favorite sites,, recently posted some links to early Amazon video game deals. The “Amazon Prelude to Black Friday Video Game Deals” features several different cool offers. Most relevant right now is probably the WoW offer. Anyone purchasing World of Warcraft will receive Burning Crusade for free. Another hot offer of note is the “Buy 2 PS3 Greatest Hits and get one free” deal. Lots of cool stuff here. My advice would be to check and Amazon for the daily updates to this list now through Cyber Monday.

Yasar: You’ll find all kinds of Black Friday video game goodness at  Some of their highlights include the 320GB PS3 console bundled with the Playstation Move for $399.99 from hhgregg, the Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort for $169.99 from Best Buy, and Fable III for $39.99 from several retailers.  Their list is alphabetized to help you find whatever you’re looking for quickly, which is always an added bonus.

So that’s what we’ve been able to scrape up so far. Remember to check back here, keep scouring those lists, and follow us on Twitter @SavingsGCapes and @YasarSavings for even better deals on your favorite games and platforms this shopping holiday season. More importantly, throw down a comment or two and tell us of any good deals you’ve found so far.

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