Confessions of a Fashion Diva with ‘The Frisky’s’ Simcha Whitehill


Simcha Whitehill, is a writer extraordinaire for Dame Magazine, Jane Magazine, and a blog that makes it to the top of my fashion reading list, The Frisky. I do have a confession to make: I’ve had a fashion crush on Simcha since high school. The girl can dress.

She made dungarees look good in our teen years while I was clueless and still wearing culottes. When I recently devoured her interview with burlesque legend (and now Chanel model), Dirty Martini, I knew Simcha would be a killer interview herself.

Here she spills some of her affordable fashion secrets she’s picked up while bloggin’ about how both celebs and real women dress for The Frisky. Tell us about your background and your personal style.

I grew up in Florida, surrounded Golden Girls Grandmas and close to Cape Canaveral. So, my look is basically like Back To The Future: the ’50s meets the ’80s, meets the space age.

What should a fashionable lady be on the look out as far as trends go this spring?

Studs, and I’m not just talking men. From pyramid bracelets to punked out superhero belts to embellished leggings and headbands, this season I feel like I never should have thrown out my old bedazzler.

What is worth the splurge for this fashion season?

I talk a lot with my hands, so I always have my nails did. And even though I’m a single lady, I still put a ring on it. In fact, I just dropped some cash on a cocktail ring of sheer bling-tasy. It looks just like a meteorite. I’m not even sure the gigantic sparkly dome will fit in my jewelry box…..but I just had to have it!

What fashion item can you not live without?

Red lipstick. “You’re never fully dressed without a smile” makes me wanna vom. But no matter what mood your in, lipstick can take you from busted ho with no make up to a polished pout in 3 seconds. Throw on sunglasses and you’re done. That’s how I fake I care what I look like, even when I’m just running to Rite Aid.

What fashion find are you most proud of?

A yellow snakeskin YSL belt.  I was 12 years old, rummaging through a thrift store with my bestie (as was our Saturday custom) and I had no idea who Yves was, but I picked up this totally ’70s belt and freaked the F out. I wound up wearing it everyday all through 8th grade. Eventually, I learned the full amazingness of the find, but even before I got skooled, it pure awesomeness made me a vintage addict.

What are your top tips for looking great on a budget?

Limit the number of colors you wear. Much like Jack White, I only wear red, black, and white. This way, I can mix and match with no probs. It also saves me time because I’m not constantly searching for the perfect shade of whatever to go with that random skirt I bought. And don’t forget, accessories make an outfit. If you wear all Roy G. Biv has to offer, you have to buy a rainbow of other crap to go with it. Shoes, belts, headbands, scarves, make up, etc… Keep your palette simple, that’s what all the designers do.

What one item should every fashionable lady own?

A pair of high heels. Forget that men love them, they make a gal feel confident strutting her stuff around town. They don’t have to be supah dupah high–my limit is 3″. They just have to make you feel that va-va-voom. Warning: You must be able to walk in them, otherwise their sexy powers turn from good to evil.

What can we look forward to in Frisky fashion?

We here at the Frisky heart the wild, their weird, the wonderful and most of all, the affordable. Whether it’s ridiculous jeans that make your butt wink as you walk or Anna Wintour’s sound advice or our cheapskate digging up sweet deals, we’re on it! And we’re total shopaholics. In fact, we’re probs ordering one in our size as we blog.

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  1. HSimas

    5 years ago

    ” If you wear all Roy G. Biv has to offer, you have to buy a rainbow of other cr ap to go with it.” Oh my goodness, this woman has a way with words. Loves it!!!

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